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Another unique natural cotton-based fabric. It is used in the production of a wide variety of clothing: children’s (including for newborns), women’s, men’s and sportswear. What is so good about this material and what it is. Footer is a thick brushed cotton fabric. The creation of the wrong side of the material, a soft fleece, provides a special pile resulting from the applied technology of material production: a kind of knitting takes place, and not weaving of the fabric.

The composition is 100% cotton. It has two types of density: two-strand and three-strand. Due to the special weaving of the futurized thread, pile can be found on the seamy side. Thanks to him, things become very warm and soft, pleasant to the body. These are the main positive properties of the lined weave. If we talk about others, it is worth noting that it is non-allergenic and breathable. It is also form-stable, pleasant to the touch. These positive features make the footer an indispensable fabric in the production of a wide variety of clothing. For the smallest kids, it is used in the sewing of warm rompers, bodysuits, sweaters, hats, pants, etc. In adult products, this material is used as the main material in thick turtlenecks, sweatshirts, pants, dresses, warm underwear, dressing gowns, etc. … Sports items are also sewn from it, which are highly valued due to such a property as breathability. The density of the canvas is from 180 to 210 g. We are sure that you will like the footer because of its softness and environmental friendliness. It is pleasant to the body and does not irritate even people with allergies. When choosing warm clothes for yourself and your children, stop at things made from this fabric.

The footer can be as light and thin as a cotton interlock. But on the wrong side, it always has a fleece. But this is not a fleece fleece formed by deformed polyester threads, but a natural, soft base with excellent thermal insulation properties. The presence of bouffant does not mean that both materials have the same hygroscopicity and softness. When choosing a footer or fleece, preference should be given to the first type of fabric made entirely from natural cotton, which does not irritate the skin and has good hygroscopicity. Lined fabric is softer and more durable. It will not stretch on the inside and will begin to unravel quickly, like other types of knitwear.

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