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Supremova fabric

Translated, the word “supreme” means “the highest, superior to all others.” Indeed, the suprem fabric is of very high quality and comfort. It is a knitted fabric, which is a kind of kulirny smooth surface, the thinnest type of cotton knitwear. Such a product is obtained on specialized machines by knitting loops. This material, colloquially called a kulirka, consists of natural fibers, therefore it is often used in children’s clothing, especially for newborns. Although the density of this knitted fabric does not exceed 140 g / sq. meter, it is very durable, moreover, it stretches well both in the longitudinal and transverse directions. With all the advantages of pure cotton, it should be noted that it also has certain disadvantages. Firstly, such fabrics are susceptible to shrinkage, and secondly, during the process of wearing, the knitted cotton fabric deforms over time. The suprem fabric is devoid of this drawback, which is a kulirny smooth surface, which contains 5% elastane (lycra).

Such a low percentage of synthetic fibers practically does not change the properties of natural raw materials and is completely harmless to most children. At the same time, elastane gives elasticity to textiles, therefore suprem is a fabric that fits well, does not shrink or deform even under very intense and prolonged loads. Origin story; knitted fabric has been widely introduced into use not so long ago. Only in the 20th century, from clothing for the poor, knitwear gradually became a material used on a large scale.
Over time, they learned to make knitted fabric from loop weaving of various materials. So, by adding a small amount of elastane to cotton threads to improve the properties of the fabric, the Suprem fabric was invented. This is a relatively new fabric that went on the free market only about 10 years ago.

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