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One of the most widespread fabrics in the world, which only becomes more popular from season to season – today we will talk about viscose. Affordable, versatile, very pleasant to the touch and versatile in its incarnations, it has become a real boon for those who prefer natural fabrics to synthetics. Viscose is an amazingly diverse fabric in its manifestations. Therefore, the scope of its application is extremely wide. Of course, the most obvious direction is sewing dresses, skirts, tops and sets from all sorts of variations of dress viscose, staple. Joggers, tiered dresses or long skirts, comfortable tops – all this will work out great from comfortable viscose. Often, incredibly stylish and suitable for office wardrobe products are sewn from costume variations of fabrics. The material is affordable, which means that it can be safely used for tailoring relevant, seasonal products.
It is not in vain that viscose enjoys “popular” love. Let’s turn to its merits.
Viscose materials differ from most others in a unique property – in summer they give a pleasant feeling of coolness, and in winter they warm.
Viscose is hypoallergenic and suitable for owners of sensitive skin – this plus is important for parents of small children.

Tactility, softness and impressive drape make viscose materials a favorite of fashionistas. Viscose does not accumulate static electricity, which allows you to make it part of multi-layered looks in any season. Even at the fiber stage, viscose is easily dyed in any shade. Due to the fact that the dye is injected directly into the fiber, the brightness and intensity of the dyeing remains as long as possible, the fabrics do not fade.
Viscose fiber is very lightweight, lighter than cotton. At the same time, the hygroscopicity of this fiber is as much as twice the ability of cotton to absorb water! In a dry state, any viscose canvases are highly durable. When wet, the web can be brittle, but this still requires sufficient mechanical stress. During normal washing, nothing bad will happen to the fabric.

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