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Interlock is also called two-plastic in another way. Do not be alarmed if you come across such a name anywhere else. It happened because a rather thick material on both sides has an absolutely smooth surface with a “rubber band” structure. This is a natural fabric and quite dense, made of 100% cotton (in contrast to the liner, which is very thin, although it is made of the same cotton). It is smooth and silky on both sides. Due to its naturalness, such properties as hypoallergenicity, hygroscopicity, excellent thermal insulation, durability (excellent resistance to stretching and returns to its original shape) are determined, it is strong, warm, soft, durable, practically does not stretch and does not bloom. The density of the canvas is from 180 grams to 210 grams.
The knitwear is pleasant, delicate and soft to the touch. Has a smooth, double-sided structure. Interlock products do not tend to stretch and unravel.

They retain their shape for a long time, which increases the service life. The clothes are warm and comfortable. Provides excellent thermal insulation. Well ventilated with air. Due to its properties and cotton composition, the material is widely used in sewing underwear and children’s clothes.
This fabric can be of various colors: bright, bed, with beautiful patterns. In connection with such positive properties, two-plastic is used in the sewing of sports, warm home and children’s clothing, where it comes in handy, durable, thick and wear-resistant materials are needed. Tracksuits, sweatshirts, pants, sweatshirts are sewn from interlock fabric – it is easy and comfortable to play sports in it. Also T-shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, robes, dresses. For newborns – thick warm sliders, blouses, pants, hats, booties, etc. In pajamas and nightgowns made of this wonderful environmentally friendly knitwear, it is comfortable and cozy to sleep. Light silky underwear disposes to positive thoughts and restful sleep. Interlock clothes are comfortable, very pleasant to the body. It is not for nothing that it is called the “Silk Touch”.

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