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Among the many modern materials, there are fabrics that have stood the test of time and have not lost their relevance to this day. These materials include velor, which came to us as a budget replacement for velvet, it has become very popular and in demand both in clothing and in industrial production.
Velor is the general name for materials, the surface of which is fleecy and partly reminiscent of velvet. Velor is a fabric with a velvety surface formed by a soft pile. Let’s turn to the advantages of the fabric. Firstly, it is very durable, which means it is resistant to mechanical influences of any origin (friction, scratches, etc.). Secondly, it does not lose its appearance and shape, so things from it, even after a few years, have their original appearance and are ready to wear. All the advantages of the material will make these things durable, truly “homey” and comfortable. It is clear from the advantages of velor fabric that it finds application in any area of ​​our life.

Beautiful home clothes are sewn from it, for example, elegant women’s dressing gowns and pajamas; warm children’s clothing, which must be strong and durable (dresses, pants, sweaters, light jackets); in adult clothes it is used in the sewing of trousers, jackets, dresses, suits, etc. Since velor is more a warm material than a cold one, clothes made from it will be useful to you in autumn and winter. It will warm you in the cold season and leave pleasant impressions not only about quality, but also about taking care of your body. Velor clothes are not only pleasant, but also beautiful due to their unique texture. Special care for velor clothes is not required, machine washable at 30 degrees. Clothes made of velor do not wrinkle and do not form folds, which means there is no need to iron them.

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